Purpose of the information collected: Auto Transport 411 collects information from users that would like to receive up to 10 free car shipping quotes via and telephone from up to 10 auto transport companies we have matched them with.

Opt out option: If you submitted your information and you would like any future communication to stop, please send your request to contact@autotransport411.com

Your information is safely collected by Glasgow Consulting, owner and operator of AutoTransport411.com

Abuse: If you believe your information has been submitted by an unknown individual, please send an email to contact@autotransport411.com. At that point, your information has already been shared with the auto transport companies and you should let them know of this situation. What we can do is to provide you with the IP information used by the fraudulent user for you to report to the proper ISP. We can also block your email and phone number to prevent the fraudulent use in our site in the future.

Third party companies: We strive to provide you with communication from top quality auto transport companies but ultimately we are not responsible for the content or the manner in which they contact their business.