After having just watched what is arguably one of the greatest Super Bowl Championship Games ever played, I was inspired to open up my laptop and start comparing the similarities between football and car shipping. Yeah…I didn’t really come up with anything. I mean, if you think about it I guess there are some tiny details where they share a resemblance. For instance, you can’t have a championship caliber team without proper planning and execution, likewise it’s not as if your automobile is just going to up and ship itself! Second, in order to be great you have to surround yourself with dedicated professionals, which is exactly what we do here at Let’s take this further shall we? Super Bowl rings don’t exactly grow on trees; you have to overcome adversity and successfully navigate obstacles you encounter along the way to earn one. I guess when you need to ship your vehicle there can be adversity as well. Adversity in the form of fly-by-night companies who are more interested in taking your money than actually transporting your vehicle. We’re definitely the “special team” you want to count on to help you avoid those obstacles!

What are some other things football shares with auto transportation? Penalties. Now that’s a word nobody likes to hear. We all know there is a veritable plethora of ways one can get a penalty called against them in football, but did you know there can also be penalties involved when you ship a vehicle? Failure to disclose that your vehicle doesn’t run can cause you to rack up a penalty. Overloading your vehicle with too many personal items can as well. Not being present to release your vehicle to a transporter can result in a “dry run” fee. Now, while all of these scenarios are extremely rare, they can and do happen which is yet another good reason you need the professionals at to help assist you with your move. Our network of auto transporters are simply the best in the business and they go the extra mile to make sure your move is worth cheering for.

There are no timeouts in car shipping. Let us help you plan out your next move so you can avoid being blitzed by high prices and hidden fees. We’ll help you find a car shipping company that’s willing to stand beside you from hand-off to reception, literally.