Writing inspiration sometimes strikes at odd times or due to peculiar circumstances. Take tonight for example; I’m sitting at home watching episodes of The Karate Kid with my youngest daughter, then The Karate Kid Part 2 comes on and I let her stay up past her bedtime to finish that one with me as well. I know, I definitely didn’t win any parenting awards tonight, but I remember how awesome it was for me to watch Danielson win that tournament when I was a little boy so it was only natural that I shared that same experience with one of my children. I know what you’re thinking though…this is an auto transport blog. What does the Karate Kid have to do with shipping cars? Well, to put it simply the one thought that came to my mind tonight after watching those movies was that it’s an oldie but a goodie. Just like the classic cars of yesteryear. I just had a conversation last night about my first vehicle, a 1981 Chevy El Camino. I purchased it from my Grandparents for the hefty sum of $2,000 or $2,200 dollars, I can’t remember exactly now. That baby had 42,000 original miles on it and Grandpa never let a speck of dirt sit on it overnight. Can’t say I treated it quite the same way unfortunately and I, like plenty of you, wish I still had my first car. What was your first ride? Do you still have it? If not, do you dream of one day owning something again just like it?

I’ve long been a fan of the Choo Choo Customs El Camino version. If you’ve never seen or heard of it before you can check it out here. I’ll probably have one someday, after I put four children through college! If I can find the perfect one out there, I’ll ship it in an enclosed carrier for sure. It’s more expensive, but offers maximum protection during shipment. Depending on the condition of your “oldie” you might opt for an open car carrier. As I’ve said in the past, this is by far the most common and affordable means of car transportation. And let’s not leave trucks out of this; you can just as easily ship a truck on a car transporter as you can an SUV or Mini Van, although I can’t think of many classic Mini Vans at the moment, unless you’re talking about a Volkswagen Bus! Ah Volkswagen, my Dad’s first vehicle…now we’re really taking a trip down memory lane!

Stay safe out there people, and happy shipping!