Tonight the inspiration to write comes from two sources, one you are already familiar with, the other, everyone is familiar with. The first form of inspiration comes once again from my good friend Mr. Daniel LaRusso A.K.A. “The Karate Kid”. Having recently watched the third installment of the series, I was reminded of a form of trickery I’m not a huge fan of…the dreaded bait and switch tactic. You see, in this movie, Daniel is befriended by the antagonist, Mr. Silver, who intentionally leads him astray, not only from the teachings of his beloved Sensei Mr. Miyagi, but from the very principals and values which encompass him as an individual.

Any of you who follow my car shipping blog know that my favorite question is about to follow this introduction, which is, what exactly does this have to do with auto transport quotes. A fair question, but one that I am prepared to answer. In order to properly do so I need to cite my second form of inspiration this evening; customer feedback. Yes, when you talk, we at Auto Transport 411 listen. Recently, we had a customer that informed us that they didn’t realize that the quotes they were receiving were from vehicle shipping brokers. They were under the understanding that the quotes they were receiving were from car shipping carriers. I’ve gone over the many pros of utilizing an auto transport broker in previous blog posts. Please feel free to go back and review them at your leisure. The topic that is most important to me for this entry is the dreaded “bait and switch” tactic which is sometimes, unfortunately, utilized in certain business practices. This is a practice we here at Auto Transport 411 do not condone.

Bait and switch can be summed up as follows, to advertise something (i.e. a good or service) at a certain price level or description, and then change the arrangement after getting someone to commit. To cite one of my earlier blog posts, good carrier pay moves cars, not high commissions. We offer our clients a range of car shipping prices and options to better allow them to compare prices and services available for their respective moves. However, that is only a portion of the services we offer. We are also constantly price checking our car shipping companies to make sure that everyone is competitive and fairly priced within your unique market. We also perform background checks on everyone we do business with to make sure we are only offering top rated professional for you to entrust your vehicle to. We have over thirty years of experience in the vehicle transport business and we work diligently to make sure your automobile is in good hands from the moment you hand over your keys until the moment your vehicle arrives at its destination.

We value your feedback and encourage everyone that has used our services to let us know about their experience. Your comments are viewed by real people, and your feedback is the most valuable tool we can receive. Thank you for continuing to make Auto Transport 411 the Transport Directory Leader.