Hello again folks! Summer is in full swing, the same, too, can be said about the car shipping industry. The load boards are full of vehicles shipping all across the United States, Hawaii and even Alaska. Combine that with the lowest average Diesel fuel prices in a few years and it’s an auto transporters paradise. Good for them, because they have precious few months to make a little bit of money so they can weather the Winter months (pun intended) when vehicle freight is scarce and prices are low.

That’s not to say that there aren’t still auto transport deals out there to be had, especially if you have a little extra time to allot for your move. The main routes like anything along the I-10 and I-20 corridor are always popular, regardless of time of year. The weather usually stays nicer year round, there isn’t salt on the roads in the winter months to contend with and for the most part those road are nice and flat instead of riddled with hills which kill heavy truck fuel economy. Therefore, if you are shipping along one of those routes, even though the Summer months have driven up average freight prices, there’s still a good chance you can get your vehicle shipped at a discounted price if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer for a transporter to accept your load.

The state of Florida is completely unique in the eyes of the car shipping industry due to its’ vast price fluctuations which are dependent on the time of year. For instance, right now people who are shipping cars South into Florida can expect a nice price break, especially along the I-95 corridor, compared to people who are shipping cars North out of Florida. Why, you might ask? That answer is easy. Tons of people, literally thousands of people ship their cars South into Florida for the Winter months and they all ship them back home for the Summer. Remember the economy 101 lesson about basic supply and demand? Yup, there’s tons of demand in the form of Northbound freight coming out of Florida right now and limited supply in the form of auto transport companies. That of course drives the price up. Transport companies are willing to accept discounted freight heading back South into Florida to pickup another high priced load leaving Florida.

That’s just a couple of examples of how to take advantage of more attractively priced car moves. Make sure you check out our previous blog entries for additional car shipping tips and tricks. As always, you have questions, we have answers. Feel free to contact us anytime for answers to your most burning vehicle shipping inquiries! Stay safe out there people, and happy shipping!