In the auto transport industry, there are actually four people needed to move a car. There are the people who do the work – car carriers, there are people that coordinate the work for the car carrier – auto broker, there are people who find the work – Auto Transport 411, and there are people who need to move their car, that’s you. The car haulers spend every moment they are allowed to drive behind the wheel moving cars down the road. Miles equate to money and when the truck is parked, owner/operators are actually losing money. Why is that you ask? Even while a truck is parked licenses, insurance, depreciation on their equipment and a mirage of other expenses just keeps on going so the auto hauler has to keep that truck moving. An auto transporter doesn’t have time to search for cars to load on their car carrier, they must depend on an auto broker.

Auto Transport 411’s Role in Transporting My Car

Since you have made it to this site, I am assuming you typed into Google Search something like “how to transport my car” or “move my car” or “vehicle transport.” That’s how you found Auto Transport 411. Our site is searching for people like you that needs to move a car on an auto carrier. Now that we found you, we need to collect all your information: name, email, phone number, what kind of vehicle you need transported, location of the car now and where and when you need your car moved. We are going to send your information to ten auto brokers so they can give you a cost to move your car. Brokers are busy helping coordinate your auto move with a car carrier so they need Auto Transport 411 to find them customers to keep their business thriving.

The Auto Brokers Role in Transporting Your Vehicle

The auto broker will respond to you quickly with information on what it will cost to move your car. They are happy to speak with you and will explain every step of the way. The broker is going to let you know what it will cost to move your car. If you give them permission to move your car, they are going to post your vehicle on a load board where auto haulers search for cars needing to be moved, the broker will insure that the auto carrier has all the appropriate insurance to protect your vehicle while it is on the car carrier and will be the communication liaison between you and the truck driver. Brokers will charge you a fee for their services. No one likes extra fees but an auto broker is a necessity. There are sites out there that will offer to move your car without a broker, but let me assure you, there is a broker behind that website and their fee is already cooked into the price. The problem with a website and not a live person is: Have you ever tried to talk to a website? What if you need to change the date of your move? What if you aren’t able to meet the truck to pick up your car at the designated time? This is why you need a person to communicate with. Brokers will help you with coordinating changes, keep you informed as to where the car carrier is and when the car carrier will deliver your car. An auto broker is your helper. Thousands of cars move everyday with the help of these good people.

Enjoy transporting your vehicle.